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My Bestie

Throughout Middle School and High School it is super important to have a close friend that you can confide in for all the things you don’t want to tell anyone else. These unique type of friends are called Best Friends or Best Friends for Life (BFFL). These people are with you through  the good and the bad and will always support you and call you when you’re doing something wrong. They don’t mind you getting mad at them for telling you the truth because they know you need to know the truth. They also support you when you need to make a hard decision and help you get over a hard time. They are amazing people and everyone needs to have a Best Friend in order to keep their calm and be able to not have that much stress on your plate because that can cause health issues.


Students Geing Connected

Students should definitely have a cell phones in school for an array of reasons but they should have it on silent if not off. Students need their cell phones in case they have an emergency and the closes phone is in the path of danger you just reach in your pocket or book bag to get your cell phone and call 911 and then tell an adult. Students should not misuse the privilege of having a cell phone if they do not necesarily need it. A middle school in Hebei, China has banned students from carrying and using mobile phones on campus, using metal detectors to search students. We have the privilege to be able to carry around our cell phones instead of being searched in order to check we don’t have them.

Japan’s Worst Natural Disaster

Following the 8.9 magnitude earthquake a roaring tsunami hits northeastern Japan and killed hundreds of people. The violent wall of water swept cars, houses, and killed people. After dawn Saturday was when they truly say the magnitude of disaster cause by these terrible natural disasters. President Barack Obama pledged U.S. assistance following what he called a potentially catastrophic disaster. He said one U.S. aircraft carrier is already in Japan and a second was on its way. Japan was truly a disaster after the earthquake and the tsunami and still hasn’t recovered. Many people have gone to Japan to assist and help the people left without homes or simply without families. This is a catastrophic event and we should attempt to lend a hand.

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