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Countdown to Adventure

As our studious eight graders recover from the Florida Comprehension Assessment Test (FCAT) they anxiously count down the days left to at last get an academic break from school by going to the amazing parks “Islands of Adventure” and “Universal Studios”. This eighth grade trip gives the students a chance to have a once in a life time opportunity with the friends these students have acquired throughout their final year in middle school. Although the students must pay ninety nine dollar in order to enjoy this trip, it is still a low rate and definitely worth every cent. As an anticipating eighth grader myself, I know I will have the most unique experience in middle school with all the friends I have acquired and I know I will enjoy this trip to the maximum. Additionally, you will also have time with the people who prepared you to succeed, you r teachers. Subsequently, inside these two parks there is an array of magnificent rides such as “The Hulk”, “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey”, and “The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman.”To commence the day, the students must be at the bus stop at four thirty in the morning in order to leave the school at approximately five in the morning and arrive at approximately nine in the morning. During the bus ride we make a pit stop in order to get breakfast, stretch out and use the bathroom. Throughout the day the students will be able to explore all the amazing attractions provided to them as well as the entertainment. The school will be provided lunch for the students and from past experience has amazing choice of deliciously scrumptious food.  At the end of the day you will be able to buy from the gift shop in order to have a souvenir from this spectacular day and also that will be the place where we meet before getting on the bus.  On the bus ride home, most students are exhausted from the long day of walking and going on the attractions and usually fall asleep. On the way back we make another stop to have a snack or dinner, and stretch out after riding on the bus for a while. Students then arrive back at school at approximately ten thirty at night and parents are usually waiting for them to take them home after such a magnificent spectacular day. This will be a long lasting memory for the eighth graders.


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